Taquen is a young (1992) visual artist from A Coruña, Spain, currently based in Madrid.
Interested on changes, movement and the relationship between people and the environment during the process.


Mural project for Ayuntamiendo de Pradejón - La Rioja, Spain
Alcobendas CREA Festival, mural project - Alcobendas, Spain
Live paint for Cerveza El Aguila - Madrid, Spain
Citric Festival, mural project - Castellón, Spain
Tixel x Culturainquieta x Taquen, clothes designs - Madrid, Spain
Urbanlab in White Lab, mural project and collective exhibition - Madrid, Spain
Centro Comunitario Guatemala, collaborative mural project (2). Madrid, Spain


Les Mauvais Garçons, mural project - Madrid, Spain
Palabras de Perdiz, Draws for poetry book - Madrid, Spain
Galería Urbana Zaragoza, mural project - Zaragoza, Spain
Tribute to Miguel Hernández, live paint - Madrid, Spain
Winner of Arte con Punch by Ponche Caballero X Espositivo Madrid contest - Madrid, Spain
CALLE Lavapiés Festival - Madrid, Spain
Kluidhouse group exhibition and mural project -  Madrid, Spain
Pintando el Sur Festival, mural project - Getafe, Spain
Mural project for City Hall of Lumbier, - Navarra, Spain
Muñosound Festival, mural project . Segovia, Spain
Encrucijada Sangüesa Festival, mural project. Navarra, Spain
Kamala Street Art Project, mural project. Kathmandu, Nepal
Compartiendomuros, mural project. Madrid, Spain
Parees Fest, mural project. Oviedo, Spain
I Certamen de pintura mural Juzbado, mural project. Salamanca, Spain
Arte y paladar, mural project. Madrid, Spain
La Causa Galería, exhibition. Madrid, Spain
Mirasierra Highschool, workshop and collaborative mural project. Madrid, Spain
Centro Comunitario Guatemala, collaborative mural project. Madrid, Spain


La Cebada mural project - Madrid, Spain
Sueños de Libertad Festival, mural project - Ibiza, Spain
Live paint for Hemper - Madrid, Spain
Pintamalasaña, mural project - Madrid, Spain
Nike Spain, mural project - Madrid, Spain
Dashape Festival and RedBull, mural project - Madrid, Spain
Pintando el Sur festival, Cultura Inquieta mural contest - Madrid, Spain (1st position)
MIAU Fanzara Festival, mural project - Castellón de la Plana, Spain
Sama project, mural project - Kathmandu, Nepal
ArtAeroRap Festival, mural project - León, Spain
Private Hermitage, mural project - Guadalajara, Spain
Dotze Artistes Dotze Escoles, mural project - Castellón de la Plana, Spain


IES Miguel de Cervantes mural project - Madrid, Spain
1645 Tizas by Maider López - Madrid, Spain
Pintamalasaña mural project - Madrid, Spain
Galería Urbana Salamanca Contest, mural contest- Salamanca, Spain (2nd position)
Multiópticas comercial mural project - Madrid, Spain
CEUFEST mural project - Madrid, Spain
Mad Cool Festival mural project - Madrid, Spain
Live paint for Art & Lab Exhibition - Madrid, Spain
Hemper mural project - Kathmandu, Nepal
Paint for Nigra Mercato store (Human Race) - Madrid, Spain
El Caradura mural contest, mural project - Salamanca, Spain
Paint for Nigra Mercato store (Nike 97) - Madrid, Spain

Dashape Festival exhibition - Madrid, Spain
Fin de Grado Facultad de Bellas Artes Group Exhibition - Madrid, Spain
Sama Project mural project - Kathmandu, Nepal


No carpet Festival mural project- Madrid, Spain
Work in Progress Exhibition - Madrid, Spain
Noviembre Arte Group Exhibition - Madrid, Spain