Taquen is a young (1992) visual artist from A Coruña, Spain, currently based in Madrid.
Interested on changes, movement and the relationship between people and the environment during the process.

Les Mauvais Garçons, mural project - Madrid, Spain
Palabras de Perdiz, Draws for poetry book - Madrid, Spain
Galería Urbana Zaragoza, mural project - Zaragoza, Spain
Tribute to Miguel Hernández, live paint - Madrid, Spain
Winner of Arte con Punch by Ponche Caballero X Espositivo Madrid contest - Madrid, Spain
CALLE Lavapiés Festival - Madrid, Spain
Kluidhouse group exhibition and mural project -  Madrid, Spain
Pintando el Sur Festival, mural project - Getafe, Spain
Mural project for City Hall of Lumbier, - Navarra, Spain
Muñosound Festival, mural project . Segovia, Spain
Encrucijada Sangüesa Festival, mural project. Navarra, Spain
Kamala Street Art Project, mural project. Kathmandu, Nepal
Compartiendomuros, mural project. Madrid, Spain
Parees Fest, mural project. Oviedo, Spain
I Certamen de pintura mural Juzbado, mural project. Salamanca, Spain
Arte y paladar, mural project. Madrid, Spain
La Causa Galería. Madrid, Spain
Mirasierra Highschool, workshop and collaborative mural project. Madrid, Spain
Centro Comunitario Guatemala, collaborative mural project. Madrid, Spain


La Cebada mural project - Madrid, Spain
Sueños de Libertad Festival, mural project - Ibiza, Spain
Live paint for Hemper - Madrid, Spain
Pintamalasaña, mural project - Madrid, Spain
Nike Spain, mural project - Madrid, Spain
Dashape Festival and RedBull, mural project - Madrid, Spain
Pintando el Sur festival, Cultura Inquieta mural contest - Madrid, Spain (1st position)
MIAU Fanzara Festival, mural project - Castellón de la Plana, Spain
Sama project, mural project - Kathmandu, Nepal
ArtAeroRap Festival, mural project - León, Spain
Private Hermitage, mural project - Guadalajara, Spain
Dotze Artistes Dotze Escoles, mural project - Castellón de la Plana, Spain


IES Miguel de Cervantes mural project - Madrid, Spain
1645 Tizas by Maider López - Madrid, Spain
Pintamalasaña mural project - Madrid, Spain
Galería Urbana Salamanca Contest, mural contest- Salamanca, Spain (2nd position)
Multiópticas comercial mural project - Madrid, Spain
CEUFEST mural project - Madrid, Spain
Mad Cool Festival mural project - Madrid, Spain
Live paint for Art & Lab Exhibition - Madrid, Spain
Hemper mural project - Kathmandu, Nepal
Paint for Nigra Mercato store (Human Race) - Madrid, Spain
El Caradura mural contest, mural project - Salamanca, Spain
Paint for Nigra Mercato store (Nike 97) - Madrid, Spain

Dashape Festival exhibition - Madrid, Spain
Fin de Grado Facultad de Bellas Artes Group Exhibition - Madrid, Spain
Sama Project mural project - Kathmandu, Nepal


No carpet Festival mural project- Madrid, Spain
Work in Progress Exhibition - Madrid, Spain
Noviembre Arte Group Exhibition - Madrid, Spain